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I started getting sick on Monday and began having flu like symptoms the fever, chills, body aches. I went online to tonight to see if it was swine or regular flu. On a couple of websites they all say that nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea may be more common with this swine flu than with the regular flu. And the diarrhea is what I have. I have been taking medicine and drinking orange all the good stuff but should I take a trip to the doctor just to make sure?


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I've spent about 15 years researching pathogens and they are all killed on contact with "Colloidal Silver". Use was discontinued after antibiotics became readily available and due to poor manufacture in the early 19th century, minor scientific research on medical use of silver was conducted in the very early 19th century and continued their after. Colloidal Silver is available from most health food stores now, while most antibiotics have become ineffective and start to becoming obsolete.
One of the below links has a good example of symptoms, it doesn't mention that the lungs fill up with fluid and you basically suffocate. To gain major release from the fluid buildup the lungs either have to be drained or alternatively if you have a mild dose get a hold of some Lobelia Inflata" leaf (common garden plant) to use in creating a weak tea (works on any flu like virus to allow your body to expel it, make sure directions are followed in preparation as dosage can be fatal if taken incorrectly. 3-5000mg of buffered vitamin C will also make your pathogen susceptible to your body's immune system.
Swine flue is suspected to have been lab created however as yet I haven't seen any concrete evidence to back this up but if it has been engineered it would be to try and counteract Bird Flu which is far worse.
Do see a doctor for testing get the above items and get well soon, and have a safe recovery.

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