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I welcome answers in the affirmative as well as negative. I am doing a project and therefore wish the same. I would highly appreciate answers from those unfortunate to have contracted the illness.


Swimming Pool Heaters said...

There needs to be more education particular in third world countries about the possible consequences of unsafe sex - HIV/AIDS being one of them.
In developed countries, try to stop needle sharing between drug users to bring down the spread of HIV/AIDS.

Dr. Joe said...

I also hav d same type of opinion like u. M a medical student. Smetimes i think that i can find permanent cure 4 AIDS. Its possible only if i knw A-Z of pathogenesis, virulence, treatment of AIDS as per new researches..... I feel i cud! bt....... There r millions of big scientists working on this dreadful disease 4 finding its cure... What m i?
Prevention is better than cure.
Even Maintainance is better than repair.
Treatment: There r many drugs which deactivate reverse transcriptase enzyme responsible 4 multiplication of virus.
To eradicate dis disease we shud introduce 1 chapter in may b in 10th standard in schools. That chapter shud contain prevention of AIDS n all types of precautions regarding it.
We shud introduce sme more chapters like course of vaccinations in a child etc which r general health topics, whch every1 of us shud know....
I feel 4 us education is more important than finding a cure 4 it, which already is being done by Scientists.......
Distribution of groups causing AIDS:
1. Homosexual or bisexual men: 50%
2. Intravenous drug abusers: 25%
3. Hemophiliacs: ~ 0.5%
4. Recipients of blood and blood components: ~ 1%
5. Hetrosexual contacts: ~ 10%
6. In approx. 6% of cases, the risk factors cannot be determined.
HIV had infected 60 million people worldwide n nearly 20 million adults n children hav died of d disease...
T.H A N K Y O U !!!...........

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