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Check this site out to see what is happening in Burma.
People try to blame, complain and ignore in regards to issues like the genocidal events occurring in Burma but are we all not to blame? Do we not allow things like this to happen?


mein1962 said...

We are not to blame for the problem but we are definitely the blame for not finding the solution which makes us contributors to allowing it to happen and apathy is the number one cause for this. this answer is vague considering the monstrosity of genocide. bureaucracy is simply not strong enough for this type of catastrophic predicament.

absolute said...

I work for a non-profit and hope to eventually work for the ACLU, so I am one of those who is trying to work for positive change. However, there are so many issues in the world, one person has to choose which isssue or small set of issues they want to address so not everyone will be working to eliminate genocide....

Love of Truth said...

I whole heartedly agree. In life it seems there are three groups of people, people who care very much, people who are mixed, and people who mostly just care about themselves. Though I am most appreciative of the first group it seems they are all too few and far between. For most unless it is their freedoms that are suffering they resist the idea of working to help find justice for those who are not as fortunate.
Yes there is a lot of apathy, a lot of complacency, a lot of self absorption, pessimism, stoicism, inaction, as well as evil that has crept into our most sacred institutions.
At the same time if you are allowed to give into the despair of thinking no use in trying cause it won't make a difference anyway then evil has already won in your heart.
I attend a Quaker Meeting and it is often quoted that we are not called to be effective but faithful. I take that statement at face value plus an added understanding. Though we are not called to be effective but faithful we are certainly called to try with everything we got to be effective. If we can do such knowing we have giving everything we can be at peace leaving the rest in God's hands.
In the bible it talks about being innocent as doves and as wise as serpents. Too many spiritual adepts focus more so on the former and not enough of the later. If we really want to alleviate suffering in this world we have to constantly assess our actions to see what is working and what is not and make the necessary changes.
This is why I have been a big advocate to call attention to those who protest to have a game plan not to get caught. I know this is easier said than done but it needs discussion and thought. I would not stay in one place too long. Be prepared to exit quickly if necessary. Do flashes of protests getting what can be captured on camera and video.
I don't mean to criticize as the difficulties are beyond anything I have had to endure in a long time and organization has been repressed by the military "government".
My point is we need to keep working the problem until a solution is found. I believe it can and will be found only if we never give up the fight. In other words, "Give me Liberty, or give me death."

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