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I was just watching the news, and there putting suspected swine flu cases into quarintine as they come in through the airports.
Also other suspected cases of NZ citezins are being forced into home qaurintine and are not allowed to leave their houses.
Is this legal to force them into qaurintine?


batraylo said...

Yes it's legal, and it's common practice in New Zealand which is why they do not have so many pandemics like we have in the United States. I think it's a great thing that they are forcing people into quarantine and I feel that people with any possible symptoms of swine flu have no business travelling for any reason whatsoever. I also think that the United States is taking this issue lying down and too lightly like they do everything else, and it would not surprise me if we see a large number of deaths in the United States before this whole pandemic is over and done with.
I also commend the cruise ships on refusing to pull into Mexican ports, at least someone is taking initiative!

You think you know me? said...

Not just New Zealand dude, China, Russia, India, etc are also practicing the same thing. yes it is nuts and inhuman, but how do you think Bird flu ends up in the world? the Chinese government killed all the poor victims and stop the disease, once and for all.

Rollo said...

Of course it's legal. NZ has some of the strictest quarantine regulations in the world.
Quarantine is there for the protection of the population against communicable diseases. That's a very important function.

21 & Lovin' It! said...

Airports have always quarantined people who come from foreign countries sick.
Some asian countires quarantine animals for 3 months before they let them into their country.

anothers said...

I think its the only way, swine wont spread and they will get better much faster, the whole point of it is to prevent swine from spreading

I Dont Know said...

just make sure the crematory is running hot

Itachi Uchiha うちはイタチ [proSASUKE] said...

I totally agree with them doing this, and I hope the U.S. will follow up with this as well.
They are just trying to save their own country, and keep it safe.

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