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What supplies should we have? And how much for a family of 10? Should we be prepared to quarantine ourselves for at least 3 to 6 months once the Avian Flu is in our area of the US? If most of the normal daily functions in our society are interrupted, won't this cause the people who didn't prepare themselves to act out in abnormal ways, such as threatening others and stealing when they run out of what little food and medicine, etc. they had in their homes? And with police and other law enforcement agencies looking out for their own families and quarantining themselves, too, won't we have to be in a position to protect ourselves and our families from those that could try to do us harm because they are desparate to provide for their own families?


hickcraz said...

Curing this flu is no easy matter, avian influenza is so deadly that it is right behind anthrax on the bio-defense list, as a possible terrorist weapon. There are two ways to try to dodge the flu. One is to kill all infected birds. The other is to develop a vaccine before the disease shifts. Because this strain requires four times the usual vaccine dosage it is impossible to produce the 600 million doses our population needs. Current supplies could provide vaccine for 15 million people; that’s only 5% of our population. Accumulated data paints such a frightening pathogenic picture that WHO issued an urgent warning that a flu pandemic could affect billions of people worldwide. Billions because, unlike our annual flu outbreaks, everyone is vulnerable, regardless of age or health. To make matters worse,in Germany, on February 26, 2006, the virus demonstrated its adaptability when a domestic cat was found dead from avian influenza. A few days later, an infected stone marten was discovered. This shows us that the virus is changing. Last week it was believed that 6 members of an Indonesian family had all died of avian flu, which could indicate that the virus can now spread through human to human contagion. If a pandemic does strike we will immediately lose 40% of the country's work force. President Bush got less than half of the $7.1 billion he asked for to fight this flu. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist warned Americans that state and federal authorities are "woefully underprepared" to enforce quarantine provisions and distribute medicine, food, and other vital supplies in response to an avian flu pandemic. There isn’t medical equipment or staff enough to handle this outbreak. There are pitifully few ventilators and not enough coffins or cemeteries to bury the dead. Perhaps as many as 1.7 million Amjericans will die as the flu cycles through our country.Bush has said he will deploy the U.S. military to enforce a quarantine on areas where infection is found. Well, that’s just ridiculous. Where will the manpower come from?
There really isn’t a good solution to the problem. There isn’t enough vaccine; people are going to die. Remember birds distribute the virus through their fluids and feces so watch where you step and stay clear of ducks, they are carriers of the virus but are unaffected by it. So the best bet is to stock up on water, canned foods and Tamiflu, stay in your own home, limit visitors severely, watch over your old folks and the infants and keep them as washed up as possible, wash your own hands often and pray. But be careful what you pray for … this flu might never be a problem ... it could be some other strain of man-killer flu entirely.

Tyrus said...

Fear not, the so-called bird flu pandemic is yet another scare tactic whipped up by our corruptament and their media monsters in order to sell bogus medicines and vaccines for profits:(

DiRtAlLt said...

The bird flu is not that serious. The media just says it is so they have better ratings.
Have you even taken the time to ACTUALLY think about it? Its called the BIRD flu. It is genetically designed to attack birds, not humans.
Heres another thing, earlier this year, millions of people had already gone through the bird flu, only a couple hundred actually died.

pipi_lol said...

There's no evidence that avian flu is transmisable human to human, and until that happens, don't panic. It'll probably never happen and there's nothing you can do if it does.

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