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I dont understand how a virus can just magically appear like the swine flu?? maybe the government just made it up and put it out in the just doesnt add up.


METme? said...

It's called "look over here...don't pay attention to the fact that Nancy Pelosi was involved with torture tactics back in 2002, because then that would mean that the Dems would have to go down with Bush and the gang"
2 weeks swine, no Pelosi drama...what's that I hear, Linsday Lohan is on the cover of Playboy... :(
And....scene. Welcome to America.
Funny you did I;...

boo2 said...

They don't suddenly appear. They mutate. When pigs are affected, we hardly notice. Then when one virus mutates to be able to infect a human, that person gets sick. Still not a huge deal, especially if the virus still requires the pig vector. If the virus further mutates so that human to human transmission is possible, then we have a problem. Different flues mutate to different strengths, and different spreading capabilities.
Though the government may be able to manufacture a strand of flu that is particularly wicked, there is no need. They mutate fine on their own.

Kyle M said...

It didn't just appear, it mutated, the same way all other diseases appear.
A pig probably caught the human flu and avian flu and they morphed together.
The Government?
Now that doesn't add up, they would have chosen a more effective disease.

gazeygoo said...

Do some reading for heavens sake. This is a newly mutated virus and viruses mutate constantly. This one is actually a combination of swine, bird and human flu and has begun to infect humans. It is a virulent flu which and at this point there is as yet no vaccine.

Tim T said...

its always been there. its kind of like the stars from slum dog millionaire, they existed but no one really gave a **** about them. once the movie came out, people got curious and they became household names. they were on every channel for weeks. then it died down.
same thing will happen. tons of commotion . then it will all be normal.

Sandman said...

It all has to do with Global warming. we experience inevitable climate change every now and then. resulting some viruses to evolve and mutate into something new. just for example. "swine virus" who knows what will come next!

Lucy. said...

Yeah. you're right. The government placed it there for population control

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