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Mexican drug cartels were apparently having a war and it was crossing into the US . Accusations of Mexican drug cartels infiltration into the US was in the papers and law officials were complaining etc etc
So did that all get sorted out ?
Or has that story just been pushed aside for Swine flu and if so how are those drug wars going and what about the mob infiltrations etc etc ?


Live To Fish said...

No it didn't end or even slow down.

adjacent said...

Is the war on drugs taking a back seat to the war on terror now making the war on terror that much worse...?
Mexico is now being policed by their military do to all the drug wars people are dieing daily....and on top of that swine flu..they are our neighbors the risk of the currption in bound to spread what are your thoughts ?

pcrider5 said...

Of course it hasn't slowed or stopped. Not even close, unfortunately the media seems to believe that we can only focus on 1 story at a time so they chose the flu over the cartels

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