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I just want to know if anyone else is getting ready in the event of a worst case scenario.


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Forget tamiflu, get a meningitis shot and a pneumonia shot. I was reading this great book about the 1918 Spainish Flu and they said that 25 percent of the people died of secondary bacterial pneumonia and meningitis, even though the flu was viral. The most common mistake was that people were in crowds like parades and the overcrowding around heaters, but also, a lot of people died from going back to work to early. You have to stay in bed three full day after the fever has left in those days.
Another thing to ask your doctor for is Morphine for pain and codeine to control coughing, those strong, young soldiers literally coughed their lungs out.
As for me, I am so not prepared, but thanks for the reminder.

lt snow said...

condoms/lube and a bunch of alcohol. if its gonna be that bad, i at least wanna go with a smile on my face

iSHoN said...

stock up on food and supplies as soon as possible. avoid contact with others and chill at home till they have some kind of treatment.

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