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This is the link to the game:
It's pretty addictive, and I like it a lot.
But I've just had problems on killing off the whole world, any tips on doing so?
Such as, what's the best disease class, and symptoms?
Many thanks in advance.


Dylan said...

No offense, but ignore that last guy. You do not want to start in madagascar. there's only 1 way in or out, and the boats are very slow to leave. Japan is a good place to start, high population density, and you sometimes start with air transmission.
Buy sneezing and level 1 resistances as soon as possible, and keep upgrading resistances to level 2. When you have spread to 3 countries, sell sneezing. Wait until you have infected all countries, then buy anything you want.

Owen said...

Well the toughest thing to do, is to get the countries like Madagascar, which only have 1 way of infecting them.
So its best to start in one of those countries.
Second, dont go with the lethality yet, at the beginning, put your points for spreading the disease.
If all else fails, go to
and find the game "Pandemic 2" and have 99999 upgrade points.
Hope I helped a bit :)

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