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Jerry Lewis has been running his Muscular Dystrophy telethon for many years, making millions and millions of dollars for research.
Scientists use that money toward research into cell reanimation and building new tissue, etc.
Their vaccine gets out, and combined with the deaths of the swine flu, ends up reanimating the dead.
It's a vicious circle, and we need to get our shotguns and chainsaws ready!
Jerry Lewis started this mess. The french made him ultra famous, your 10 dollars just made this a very uncomfortable place to live.


Bamboo Wind Chimes said...

Jerry Lewis is awesome.
I love him, && I think hes hot :)
but I thought he was the clumsy scientist, not a mad scientist..

connor o said...

These "zombies" are not really the reanimated dead, they are just infected people who have a very high fever that makes them insane and start to kill people. The person you are talking about is not responsible for this.

dshackin said...

It'll start in Willamette, right?

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