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I Just Came Back from america to the philippines the day before the h1n1 hit the news. And i am so worried because there was a little girl that came from the US and has the h1n1 virus. Is it possible to spread here? can it live in hot places. cause they said the virus that can be found in pork chops, etc. dies in hot temperatures. and its very hot here in the philippines.
please answer my question seriously. thanks guys


Veronica said... can spread anywhere even in the desert...but she might have as she might dont worry about that just like the news exaggerates everything the news will say or not if she has the symptoms and well..if she ends up having th swine flu then just take precautions the swine flu isnt as bad as it was 3 weeks just relax because the swine flu is decreasing :D

Motivationals said...

Pork does not spread the Flu. It is passed from person to person.
Pork needs to be cooked well because of a parasite in it, not a virus.
The Flu can survive in a hot climate; but it doesn't spread as fast where people are not closed up in rooms together as much. In a hot climate, people will usually spend more time outside, or leave the doors and windows open more. Since the Flu virus becomes airborne when the sick person coughs or sneezes, being in a closed room together makes it easier to spread.

nate said...

of course it originated in mexico..... a hot place...

lala said...

It can spread anywhere

Jessica said...

I'm sure it can. It doesn't depend on the temperature of the climate around you, because it would be living inside someone's body, not all by itself. It can't be found in food because it's a respiratory infection, and you can not get it from eating an animal with it. You're not eating the part of the animal that is infected. And hypothetically, even if you could, when you cooked it it would die. But, yes, it could be where you live. Please don't worry about it, it's not as big of a deal as people are making it. More people die from regular flu than they have of swine flu. It really isn't a big deal. It's just your average yearly flu with a few extra symptoms thrown in. You'll be fine.

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