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Or do you believe that an Avian Flu pandemic is still a strong possibility for the near future?


W W D said...

There is a risk, and the U.S. is way past overdue for an overhaul of our healthcare non-system. That said, probably 95% or more of medical reporting to the public is done in such a poor manner that it does lots more harm than good. Journalists typically have way too little science background, and the panic-of-the-week is a corollary of the dictum "if it bleeds it leads."

blonde_t said...

Avian Flu is definitely a possibility... My dad and my best firends mum boith work for the CFIA (Canadian FOod INspection Agency) and my dad deals mainly with BSE and her mum deals mainly with Avian flu, and i know OFR A FACT that it is still a problem, but north american countries don't have much to worry about. Although it is still a possibility, Norht America is very good at protecting itself against things like this.

Above Ground Pool Ladders said...

I think that this was just too scare us. Remember the SARS outbreak in Toronto? Everyone was scared about getting SARS blah blah blah.. but it turns out that the outbreak wasnt that bad and that the government blew it all out of porportion to test Canada's emergency diseise and pandemic plans. Maybe they r just blowing bird flu out of porportion for the exact same reason.

Un -Dead 66 said...

the bird flu is coming ;and is already in a lot of in Seattle wa.the people call the health dept if we see sick or dead birds around the city.since last year there;s 4 confirmed hasn;t went from bird to person yet;and hope it never does,but it will someday,,,,,,,,

ALT DOC said...

Hi Lamplight
More scare tactics to create a drug for people to have control and more money.
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