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All the rage lately is about how we are all going to die from the swine flu. I am not concerned. Should i be?


emma said...

you are at the moment right not to be concerned. although people have died from it in mexico, no one who caught it in the usa or scotland have died. if you live in london, we are ready for an outbreak and there are medicines to cure it. if you live in the usa, you should not be worried, because there are medicines there to and the usa is prepared to. try not to be concerned unless someone you know or spend a lot of time with actually catches it. hope this helps! ;-)

Maddie B said...

You should be concerned if you are in the US. At least in the UK, Canada and even Mexico, health care is available and free.
In the US, there is far more chance of this thing spreading quickly as a large amount of people do not have health care available to them because they cannot afford it, therefore, they will not be rushing to the doctor at the earliest signs, but will wait a few days, pass it onto a few more people and consequently people will not be diagnosed early and quarantined.

meghan a said...

Keep our hands washed through out the day. Eat healthy and keep a can of disinfectant spray or wipes and wipe/spray down door knobs, Remotes , fridge handles,phones ,toilet seats and , light fixtures(all the things that get touched by anyone and everyone on a regular basis.
Keep in mind that on average 36,000 people in U.S.dies from flu related illness every year So far it is only 2,000......36,00 from regular flu is nothing compared to our population as a whole.
Our news likes to take these stories and run wild with them and cause unnecessary fear in citizens for ratings and the pharmaceutical companies love it too cause they make more money selling the flu shot.
Swine FLu is nothing new it has been around for a while
In 1976 there was a fear of Swine Flu and more people died from the shot than the Virus itself.

Maximus said...

there's the seasonal flu that's infecting and killing more ppl, but that's not news worthy...

Upper Class White Trash© said...

you're right, lets wait until the number rises to where we can't do anything about it.

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