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What precautions should I be taking, especially if I work full-time in an elementary school? Should I be putting hand sanitizer on regulararily? I'm on average around grade seven/eight students.


Ellie said...

I'm a teacher as well, around 20+ students a day as I substitute in elementary schools around Tucson, Arizona.
According to this site, Canada has had about 336 confirmed cases of H1N1 "swine" flu. In the US, seasonal flu kills about 36,000 people a year (3, that's "three," have died of H1N1); I'm sure the stats for Canada are similar once you adjust for differences in our population sizes. SO--you really need to be no more careful than you usually are. Cases of H1N1 on the North American continent have been mild.
So, be aware of the symptoms, and treat with rest and fluids if you come down with a flu...and stay home, to keep it to yourself! You do not need to see an MD, unless your symptoms are such that you are endangered (again, remember that by far most cases of H1N1 have been mild).

lifeplay said...

Use mask, wash hand frequently, keep a distance when talk to someone (especially talk with those are flu).

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