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What is it? Every one keeps saying "Oh no! Phase 5!" But what do they mean by it? Also, what does it have to do with the swine flu?


vicki* said...

pandemic alert phases are the world health organization (WHO)'s scale of how severe a certain disease is. there are 6 levels, with 6 being the most serious. however, the scale does not measure fatality, only how contagious and widespread a disease gets. currently, the swine flu is at level 5, which pretty much means that scientists know it's transmitted human to human and it's popped up in a lot of countries and continents. that doesn't mean that swine flu is any more deadly (there have been 159 fatalities out of over 2000 cases in mexico and only 1 in the US), it just means that it's spreading.

Michael T said...
That is all you need to know.
We are currently in a phase 5 where a pandemic is imminent.

Safety 1st Strollers said...

We are in Phase 5 out of 6. 6 is the worst.
This means that the World Health Organization detected the sickness in 2 countries.
Not very interesting.

вσσ яα∂ℓєу (lola is almost 2!!!) said...

1-6 I believe.
We are in phase 5.
Phase 6 is pandemic. Pandemic is a worldwide outbreak of one similar disease.°

SayWhat? said...

It has become a greater threat now.

Baiti I said...

hmm im not sure.
but pandemic is when its like a worldwide thing

muffins said...

phase 5

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