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I see channels in China and the people are wearing face masks and taking Swine Flu very serious. But here in the US people dont seem to be really taking it take serious. Is this just a regular flu? Any thoughts or feedback?


Sandy said...

There are currently 896 confirmed cases in the US, which include 2 deaths. That's pretty serious. The US only has 50 states, and as of today 41 states have the disease. That's VERY serious. This is more than just a regular flu. Check out this website from the CDC to get more info.

Bella said...

It is JUST a flu. There are countless strains of flu, 99% of which vaccines have never been made for, are not made for, and will never be made for. This is just another, like Avian flu, canine flu, bird flu, etc. Sure there are almost 1000 cases accounted for. But around 30 times that number die EVERY YEAR from every other flu strain that's been around forever, and is STILL around right now. Check this out:
More people get sick from the flu vaccine (out of the population that choose to get vaccinated) than from swine flu so far.
Now, I'm not saying it's not dangerous - it is the flu after all. The danger in Swine Flu is that it can cause "cytokine storm" in those with strong, healthy immune systems, which is why I think people panicked over it at first. Basically it causes your immune system to flood your body with tons and tons of antibodies and this is what causes the severe symptoms of swine flu - loss of consciousness and seizures, possibly death. Also the respiratory concerns are slightly elevated with Swine Flu vs. other strains.
But really, the best thing to do is wash your hands - as much as you should be during ANY flu season! And if you have symptoms, pleeaaase go to your primary care doctor, NOT the ER unless you have severe symptoms like severe respiratory distress, or changes in level of consciousness. Stay home, eat chicken soup, drink water, rest, take your OTC meds or your antivirals (like Tamiflu or whatever your doc prescribes) as he prescribes and don't go into work or the grocery store or w/e. Again, as you would do with ANY flu!
Everybody can relax. If this were really as severe as the media is propagating, there would ALREADY be vaccines being mass-manufactured, or at least worked on and I happen to know, they are not doing so. So relax! Take your vitamin C. ;)

Rae said...

Its just a flu.. the only reason people are flipping out is that it messes with your respiratory system ( that's the only difference between the Swine Flu and Influenza) and the reason 2 deaths have been reported is that they had heart problems and asthma so they just couldn't breath and died.. So, no its really not that big of the deal... Plus, its milding out.

the mexican L said...

itz just like a regular flu but it kilz now yu decide of how serios it is

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