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Rockin' Mel S said...

When you ask questions like this I ask; is this an attempt to be funny or you are just ignorant or anti-Mexican or some combination of all three? However you slice it, it makes you look like an ***.
Here are some truths for you:
A very small number of people did die.
The media's reaction to this was way over the top
The consequence of which was canceled cruse ship dockings, canceled vacations in resort areas, closed restaurants, closed businesses. People lost (and continue to loose) jobs.
Sorry that I need to point this out to you but these are not things to joke about.
What's the next thing CNN is going to whip you idiots into a frenzy about? You need to look at the real problems your country is facing instead of the crap they are diverting your attention with.
"One nation controlled by the media" B. J. Armstrong
Edit: In hind sight, if you are being sarcastic in an attempt to bring attention to how ridiculous the reaction has been to this then good on you I guess, otherwise I still think you are an ***.

Miss Robin Williams said...

You will not need that in Mexico. Buy it cheaper here for use in the USA.
You might need it in the USA along with a bullet proof vest to live in. All your family, friends, everyone you meet everywhere and co-workers are armed and ready to snap at any time.
When you stop doing soo much cocaine you will realize your I.Q. and shoe size are the same.
Your daily check list:
Call that divorce lawyer,
Get your unemployment check cashed.
Buy an 8-ball.
Beat your kids.
Cry the Mexicans are taking your jobs when the jobs they take your blacks won't even do and you wouldn't think of doing.
Don't get hurt because you have no health care,
Run you credit cards to the max with internet porn.
Don't answer the phone or door, it might be bill collectors.
Hide your truck down the street so it won't get repossessed.
Now stop being stupid and kick your dog, sit down son, clean your gun and have another "Billy Beer"
Life is good for you, your president has things under control.

Solar Pool Heaters said...

You are an ignorant piece of Swine Sh** H1N1 actually started in the state of California. Patient Zero had not even been to Mexico!

justagor said...


Robert S said...

I agree with Robin, you are insane to ask this line of question.

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