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Now we're in the fifth level. If we reach the sixth, what happens? Do school close or something like that?


US Citizen Truth said...

This a very complicated scenario that can take place within the United States. I will try to give you a brief run-down of the worst case scenario and most mild case scenario.
Currently being at level 5, the United States already has the authority to implement martial law and mandated inoculations. They can initiate road blocks and limit transport between states and other nations.
In the event we reach level 6, this would most likely give the government the opportunity to finally declare a full martial law state. For a long time the New World Order has been trying to figure out a way to crush the united state. When the US collapses, it will open the doors for a complete takeover. If you refuse to take the flu shot (which you should, More people die from the shots than the actual sickness), you will be quarantined and labeled a threat or terrorist.
I don't want to scare you, but this is serious. Not so much for the virus itself but the amount of power turned over to the Feds. They will have the opportunity to control every aspect of your life. Do your research and realize our governments problems are not party related, but much higher up the food chain. Because of these individuals, we are in trouble. An ounce of preparation is better than a pound of misery.
Not so bad Scenario:
Things will stay just as they are. There would just be strict restrictions to travel between countries and states with infection.
I hope this was of some help.
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JL said...

Level 6 means a full blown, world wide pandemic.
It depends on how strong the virus is. Right now it is mild, hopefully it stays that way. If it is mild, a lot of people will get some mild flu symptoms, and the virus will kill itself out after a few weeks, if everyone practices good infection control, that is.
If it mutates and becomes stronger, we could be in trouble. Yes, schools will close, as will any type of large gathering.Ie. restaurants, movie theaters, stores. People will be instructed to stay home for at least a week. Level 5 means that a pandemic is imminent. We are trying to keep it a mild one though.

Craig C said...

There will not be zombies!!! Phase 6 means that we are in a full blown pandemic and we can expect to see closure of schools and public events e.g. concerts cancelled around the world. The most important people e.g. the PM and teh royal family will be put in safe places and there will be a lottery to see who gets into hospital if they become ill because the NHS will be overwhelmed. Governments around the world will continue to say "there is no need to panic" when there clearly is. The ONLY thing YOU can do is make your preparation NOW becausee the WHO only need to see human to human transmission in at least 3 countries then we go to Phase 6 (the first in history) and that could be as soon as tomorrow night.

esmolina said...

Schools might close, and so might certain businesses. It means a global pandemic is happening and people should be very careful. If you live in a heavily affected area and this happens, wear a mask, stay at home more, and don't panic!

Unique Garden Decor said...

If we reach level 6 [Hopefully never]
-Schools will close until level drops
-Most businesses will close until level drops
-Hospitals will be overcrowded
-Possible power surges in neighborhoods
-Buildings will catch on fire
-Riots will ensue
-Zombies will rise and overthrow humanity

Marco M said...

A worldwide lock down. No travel between nations is permitted, and many institutions (like schools) close. Sports events and similar group-things are canceled. Anything where people gather would be canceled.

joerly said...

everyone becomes zombies and you need to learn grammar

David C said...

the earth will implode!!!!

dudeness said...

when birds and pigs catch the human flu, would anyone care?

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