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You do realize that strain has been around for close to a century, right?
Also, it was not created in a lab, but simply a mutated strain of the flu virus. Please get your facts straight before asking loaded questions like this.


Baby Safety Products said...

Perhaps, you misunderstood. They actually create a vaccine for this specific virus.

Inflatable Pool Toys said...

Ah, yes.
No doubt you also believe 911 was an "inside job" and the first moonlanding was a fake.
I think you should discuss this with your therapist. My friend did and the medcation helped him.

Old Spice said...

they dont but it give people like you something to freak out about and then it boosts the sales of hand sanitizer and masks

Northemt said...


manda said...

no no no labs dont create viruses thats done by the aliens.

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