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My skin has turned a light shade of green, and I'm starting to become overtired no matter how long I sleep


You think you know me? said...

*James Bond* can never be Zombie, you moron!
Stop watching Casino Royale and Dawn of the dead at the same time!

Danko said...

if u have a swine flu you would become half-dead = every part of your body would hurt ... you have only one simptom : shade of green , being overtired is not a simptom , i dont think you can become zombie from h1n1 lol xD

TrustUsW said...

Yes, and you might start developing a habit of eating dogs or toes. Whatever one is readily available, I would report to a doctor right away and make sure you do not transport saliva. Or it might result in someone cutting of your head or genitals

jimmy joe said...

Kindly consult a doctor

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