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What's your favorite & most informative website on this subject ?


birdista said...

Are you talking about the predicted avian flu pandemic? If so, flu shots won't do shiat for that.
I, personally, haven't done anything to prepare. I know - not good. But my future mother-in-law is practically preparing for WWIII with all the food, water, bleach, paper products, games, pet food, and other stuff she has stocked away (including batteries, buffet trays and warmers, candles, etc), so we'll be staying with her if it gets bad.
I saw a really interesting read on MSN the other day, telling you how to prepare for everything from the avian flu to a nuclear attack. I thought it was a downright interesting article on the avian flu, but I encourage you to read the others if you have the time as well.

Iris O. M. said...

No, actually we're not. We just take it as it comes.

lynnca19 said...

We already have our appointment for the flu shot. My favourite website for this is my local health unit.

sparkley said...

we eat healthily and take vitamin supplements, we get out and about in the fresh air as often as we can. Apart from trying to stay fit and healthy there is not much you can do, having a strong immune system will help fight off infections.

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