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why is the swine flu labeled the next pandemic so quickly...does anyone this is manufactured.....i heard it is rare for the virus to spread and still be deadly after mutating so many times....what do you all think?


Funny Fight Videos said...

Simple: the faster they blow it out of proportion, the faster the authorities actually do something about it so it doesn't REALLY become the next pandemic.

Nickname said...

I did a lot of research into it and have come to decided that it is nothing more then a flu. There are millions of people dying everyday from other diseases and causes of death. Why should we worry about a diease where 100 people have died in the ENTIRE world? I have also heard that many people are getting better.
I wouldn't worry too much about it. Remember Anthrax? SARS? Bird Flu? Flesh Eating Disease? Those were supposed to bring about the end of the world but we are all still here and no one even thinks about them anymore.

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