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Because my friend says they are the exact same thing. I really want to know what Normal flu is called as far as numbers go like swine flu is A H1N1


Baby Safety Tips said...

"A" is the flu TYPE. That is what Swine flu (H1N1) and the seasonal flu (H3N2) have in common; both are a type A. Type B is less severe and less infectious, but like seasonal type A infects pretty much everyone at some point throughout the year.
There has been a seasonal form of A H1N1 that has circulated in the human population since it escaped from a test tube in 1977, drifting antigenically from year to year. But, this new H1N1 is radically different. It represents an antigenic SHIFT, rather than an antigenic "drift" mutation, so our immune systems haven't seen anything like it. Maybe exposure to seasonal H1N1 has helped us all, and we will fare better than we would have if it had never circulated.

leave the gun, take the cannoli said...

The swine flu (H1N1) is part avian, part human, and part pig. The normal flu isn't.
Here's a question posted by someone else two days ago.

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