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More people in America die every day from the regular flu than have died world wide from the swine flu. I think the media has over hyped this and now people are freaking out. My brother in law is one of them. It's one thing to warn us but this is over the top.


what? said...

This website will tell you the steps to stop the spread of the swine flu. Also answers question like what is the swine flu etc. Great site!

LINDA R said...

I agree. People should be concerned about it, but not panic. Thousands of people die each year from regular flu, but I never hear a panic about it. However, swine flu is a different strain of flu than people are used to, so that may be causing some of the over reaction. (But most cases of swine flu in the US have been minor.)
There is reason for concern, but no reason to panic.

darsmomm said...

I think many otherwise healthy americans are a bit freaked out.
However, for those Americans with weak immune systems, I would be scared.
My daughter is 4 and has a trachestomy and a ventilator. We are avoiding crowds with her and wash ours hands constantly. Swine flu is confirmed in my town. For her this could be deadly. But I also take these safety measures during reg flu and cold season too.

Narly said...

dude i totally agree. its good to be prepared, but there is a line that has been crossed lol yesterday i saw some lady walkin around with a freaking doctors mask thingy lol im like, really? wow. if you eat healthy, wash hands regularly, get plenty of rest and stay hydrated (as one normally should) no magical pig disease will kill you. your body will be healthy enough to fight any type of flu. (assuming you are really that unlucky to get swine flu since its really not that big)

Branden said...

No- 800 people (minimum) have died every week globally this year from the regular flu.
The media continues to entertain the idea that the swine flu is a big deal.
Sure, it's killing people. But there are so many more people dying of different causes.

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