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Democrat's constant habit of tax and spend and pork and his own Porkulus Package where he spent trillions of dollars we don't have?


POLARIS said...

That's exactly the reason.
I'm sorry, I couldn't get a-hold of the Kenyan.
He's too busy bowing and scraping and apologizing to the world.

pastor of muppets said...

Yes. that is EXACTLY the reason.
How in the **** did you figure it out?
Nevermind the fact that H1N1 is the scientific name for the virus.

USAF, 1983-1987 said...

"The Kenyan"?
you appear to be delusional....why don't you seek medical assistance before it's too late?

WP Amazon Autoposter Plugin said...

No. H1N1 is the designation of the strain of flu, just as avian flu was H5N1.

coyoteco said...

swine flu is a misnomer
This flu has components of swine flu and bird flu and human flu.

ck4829 said...

Actually, the name H1N1 refers to it's protein structures.

PJ said...

It has always been H1N1. Bozo.

Danibel said...

Actually, I'm unsure of what the Natives think about this one.

Ibredd said...

no it is not a t--d, it is a rose.

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