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I just want to see what other ppl's input is on this. Do you think we'll be raised to 6?, cause there's more states with cases and already one death. Or do you think we'll level off on 5? I hope we'll start to level off soon. My guess is that we'll stay at 5. Luckily, I live in a state with no cases and that it can be treated with Tamiflu.


Rubym said...

I heard this morning and should have written down how they figure that, if it goes to so many more countries and they are in different parts of the world, there would be a level 6. I think it has to do more with the number of countries than deaths or even cases. I don't ever remember hearing of this pandemic level thing before, it may have been mentioned when there was SARS or concern over Bird Flu, but I didn't hear about if or pay attention.
It might stay at level five, it seems to be leveled off in Mexico, hopefully no more deaths. Also in the US, the cases, so far, except, unfortunately, for the one toddler, from Mexico, have seemed fairly mild. That is thanks, at least in part to antivirals.
There is an old Chinese 'curse', "May you live in interesting times."
Curse or not, I think this qualifies, at least as being interesting.

~*K*~ said...

Unfortunately I think it will. Probably by next week. What that will mean I don't know. I assume it will be the same as it is right now but the real problems will be in the poor countries.

SeekerOf said...

If it keeps spreading like this then I think that they will hitch it up to a Phase 6 by next week, regardless of the death count.

Joe said...

i do think that it will become a level 6 within a few days/weeks but i also don't think its as bad as how many people are saying it is

How to Start a Metal Band said...

I think so , I mean the numbers are only going up .I think it will die down soon ,hopefully not to come back in the winter though

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