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Do you need to have ALMOST or ALL the symptoms to have the swine flue? What if you only have 4 of the symptoms?
I went to public places (bus transportation, library, school, restaurant) today and I forgot to wash my hands before I ate dinner. Now I'm worried about catching swine flu since I live in California.


beetlemi said...

I heard on tv that if you have an exposure that you will have symptoms within 48 hours. The swine flu symptoms are the same as any other flu, only a lab confirmation can tell if someone has it. With all the people in CA it is very very unlikely that you would catch it. Are you severely immunocompromised? Probably not, if concerned though call your doc for some reassurance

Khepri said...

If you have a fever and are exhibiting symptoms of the Swine Flu, get to your doctor immediately. Just because you used public transportation today and forgot to wash your hands is not reason to panic. If you are in fact feeling ill and think you have the flu be it Swine or otherwise, just take time to go to the doctor.
There is no reason to believe you are in danger of contracting the disease simply because you are a Californian.

Jimmy John Jenkins said...

Haha. Yeah, out of 10 people infected, and nearly 60 million people in California, YOU got it from the few people you came in contact with. The odds of that are astronomical. Good god, people need to CALM THE HELL DOWN.

Raymond T said...

just get a check up from your doctor ... it costs 15 bucks

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