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It was a map of the country with little red dots where we could expect to see concentrations of the swine flu. First person to give me a working link to this map will get full stars.


Hawaii Home said...

Fortunately, due to mass communications, information on the swine flu outbreak has traveled as fast as the virus itself. Hopefully this information will serve to keep people informed, have them take precautions and educate them. In the past, much of the information on infections was limited and anecdotal. Things have changed.
The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) have prepared an introductory Swine Flu Video on the topic. They are also tweeting information at
This website has a link to a map of the latest outbreaks. This is a state-of-the-art Google Map. Another resource is HealthMap. HealthMap aggregates news feeds from the WHO (World Health Organization), and Google News. You can filter by type of disease on the bottom left.

WomanWho said...

Sure, have some links:
I live in Ireland & the 4 suspected cases were not swine flu.

dellick1 said...

It'll probably just be the border states, and large metropolitan areas (such as new york, philadelphia) etc.

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