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I am flying from Seattle to Phoenix next Monday. I already looked up the symptoms of the this virus. It has the same symptoms as the flu. I already got my flu shot on February 12th when my family was sick
with the flu. I want to make sure to not end up with the swine flu.
I do have medical insurance so if I do get sick I will be able to get seen at the doctors. What are the chance of getting the swine flu while on my trip? Since I am going to be really close to the us mexico border. I am not going to mexico. I will be staying in the Mesa and phoenix area.


Andrea said...

wow! im sorry but one reported case in the phoenix area (mericopa) so there is a chance get checked with your doctor.

Dangerous ♥ said...
2009 News Releases
ADHS News Release:
No Swine Flu in Arizona
have fun :)~!

jeff said...

None in Arizona yet. Although that could change before Monday. So far no one in the US has died from it, though you should be slightly cautious i guess.

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