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I always watch the news, and for a while, the swine flu was a big hit. I still watch the news and the swine flu is still affecting people, but dosnt seem to be such a big deal anymore. The news isnt talking about it alot anymore, and when they do, they call it something else. Whats happening?


Kenny said...

Yea. Since it's hit the First World the mortality rate has become almost nil. It's marginal, if not less dangerous than the regular flu.
This is apparently no longer interesting to the general media, so there's no more reason to report on it.
There was all of that hype and "OMFG DEATH!" in the beginning, but no one took into account that it originated in a third world rural section of Mexico. Somehow I doubt that any of the major news media outlets consulted anyone with even a basic knowledge of medicine.
Who's ever heard of the Hong Kong flu? Look into it. The media hypes this crap all the time. It sells stories I guess.

essentia said...

I don't think it was ever "popular", but as is often the case, what could be a potential pandemic raised a great deal of concern. Now that they know more about the virus, and it appears to be about as serious as seasonal flus of other variety it isn't as scary. It could still become pandemic, or global, but it doesn't appear to have the ability to be as fatal as once was feared. They still don't know why, but the cdc is working on that.

Rubym said...

Thank God, few Americans have died from it, and outside of Mexico and the one toddler in the US, I don't think there have been other deaths. Death and destruction rule the news.
Notice the bankruptcy of Chrysler, one of the biggest stories of the decade, if not the last 50 years was overshadowed by it.
Human lives were lost; and people tune into "Pandemic" over "Bankruptcy", I know that includes me. If Americans or Europeans start dying from it, or it hits level 6 in the world, it will be back on top. In a local area, if there are cases breaking out, none so far in mine, there will be breaking news on the local level constantly.

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