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With the "outbreak" of swine flu, is the economy suddenly now not issue #1? Has the the swine flu somehow undone all the deficit spending and foreclosures in America? Has it somehow restored the banks confidence in the public?
It's a little pathetic how a flu that has killed less than a 1,000 people thus far is suddenly dominating the headlines, when the plain ol' regular flu kills approximately 500,000 people a year.
What new, sensational story will the media run with next week to forget they ever mentioned the swine flu? When will the economy be crappy enough to be worth covering?


White House Watching said...

The media is a one pony show. It cannot multitask and can poorly deal with one issue at a time.

Laser said...

IT'S A CONSPIRACY!!!!!!!!!!!! (the poster above me believes that).
Either that, or media are just trying to be the first to get the inside scoop on the story. It happens all the time. Why is it a big deal?

ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ said...

It's a diversion. Obama learned that he can screw up the economy more easily when the media distracts the public.

Near said...

They've lost interest in it, they want something that will make people up off their seat and tune in to see how it goes.

Super Duper said...

does that mean you finally realize the media's game?

Gabriel V said...

What media? The anti-American media? We quit listening to their lies long ago.

caliguy_ said...

The media doesn't sell news it sells sensation. you think their extensive coverage of the elections with their biased view of Obama was reporting facts? or was it trying to make history by pushing the first African American in the White house?
Sensation man, nothing else. That's where the bucks are. Look at how an extensive coverage the media did on the Iraq war, not once during the 3 first years have you heard any of them criticize it ... then it became yesterday's story but since it was still big they turned it to their Advantage by going against the war and making Bush the scapegoat.
We have been high jacked by the media a long time ago and many of our fellow citizens are sheep following the trend. They are being molded by it and don't even have a clue.
welcome to the 21st century.

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