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but authorities have already closed all of the schools in Japan, because of their number. Why isn't America taking this virus more seriously, like everywhere else?


Nerdbite said...

Because, Japan has a land mass of 377,873 km squared, and a population of 127,000,000, cramming about 400 people into every square kilometer. On the other hand, the United States has a land mass of 9,826,630 km squared and a population of about 306,000,000 placing about 31 people in every square kilometer.
So, in other words, if a person was infected in Japan, the disease would spread more easily because of the population density. It's kinda like being in a crowded room with one sick person, or being in the same room but only with 3 or 4 people with one sick person.
Anyways, the US is slowly taking the precautions, and once H1N1 becomes a full-out pandemic, schools will close in highly populated areas. America is taking major precautions, so don't worry.

Honeychi said...

Your numbers are wrong, there has not been 5,764 cases of H1n1,they are looking for many cases of people getting infected and didn't travel to one of the states where people have passed away, and even that is changing daily. if it has been then yes we would be on lock down now. The numbers are being closely watched, state wide, and by the CDC.
It is however a dangerous strain of the flu, the other thing is it can kill, just like the reg. strains of flu can be lethal to babies, elderly, an immune suppressed people. It can even kill healthy people, I have seen it because I work in the health field.
Japan and other countries do not have the means readily available, like we do, and will come this fall, when the flu vaccine will be distributed.
so for them the next best thing would be to sanitize, and contain/control it as much as possible.
The bad part is not many people get sick with the flu during the summer, particles do not travel as fast while its raining, or humid, it falls to the ground, and you got less of a chance of someone sneezing in a room and it reaching your nose, mouth, eyes. during the fall and winter, the dry air and wind will actually help it reach you. inside and outside.
picture the episode in 1918. people died of the flue during the spring/summer, but when it came back around during the fall/winter, people were dropping like flies.
and thats fact.
I just don't understand how some people just brush things under the carpet and expect it to go away.
but it is not a pandemic yet............

Tyrone Blackfang said...

because its not deadly anymore. its not as serious as it was first thought. and wrong category.

Mike ΓΈ said...

the virus isn't that serious, its no worse than the normal flu.

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