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Compared to other outbreaks of diseases, I think that Mexico acted rather quickly in reporting to world nations even if they were unable to contain it effectively.


sunshine said...

Mexico is being criticized for everything these days... they just don't deal with things the right way sometimes. I agree with you though.

Matt said...

How bout cause the outbreak started in mexico (hence the around 100 dead) and because only very recently was everyone else warned.
EDIT: Im sorry, but you say the first 3 people are missing he point, so what is it?
Secondly to the posters below me, how can you possibly asy these answers are mean? Its the facts, it started there.
Excuse me? How can you possibly say Mexico did good?
The fact they it took 50 people to DIE before anything was announced is huge.
Also wtf is with the "alleged" ****, of course its real, so you think all those people dying wasn't real? And yes its been proved it started in mexico you idiot.

Anonymous said...

Probably because everyone just now is hearing about it in the last couple of days and this all started a few weeks ago.. over 100 dead?! don't you think it would've been nice to hear about it when the first couple of people died.. that way all the kids that went there for spring break wouldn't have gotten infected.. it's sad that the Ambulance drivers over there are refusing to pick up sick people because they fear they are going to get sick maybe the reason there has been so many deaths is because mexico isn't treating their sick hence it's spreading... the United States has had over 30 cases not one has died.. and for Jordan C. they have the medicine no ones getting it because the health care providers are afraid to treat anyone!

Jordan C said...

You guys other answers are soo mean i know it started there but its not thier fault its just because the dont have enough medicine and most living conditions are poor.
and anyway if it started in mu country New Zealand or in yours USA would you feel that it is all your countrys fault. even though if it did start in my country or yours we we be able to handle it quickly

Anonymous said...

because thats where it started. andddd.. they dont have the money for everyone to be treated there. so thennn it spreads. or people die.

J4U said...

I agree with you. there are those people that critizise mexico cuz its a poor country and of the immigration problem. people are just rascist and want to take it out on mexico.

loose change said...

cause american's usually don't have sex w/ pigs

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