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My friend has it and he is terrible pain. I want to insure him that it won't happen again. But, I do not want to lie so please answer my question.


KHH said...

Unless it mutates very dramatically, yes, your friend will have what are called "memory" cells that will respond very quickly the next time he is exposed to the same virus. They will mount a very effective immune response and he will not get a full-blown infection.
We take advantage of this "memory" function of our immune system when we give people vaccines -- but we usually just give them a killed virus or a little bit of the outside part of the coat of a virus so they don't have to even get sick the first time. That way they sort of get the benefit of the memory immune response for free.

Anonymous said...

I think that is one question that cant be answered. There is a good chance he wont get it again in the near future (next 5-6 months)...But researchers say that the virus might change and come back next winter. If that happens, then there is a possibility he could catch it again. Best thing to do is get a flu shot when he can and a H1N1 Anti-Viral if researchers come up with one... Hope he feels better tho :(

Anonymous said...

unfortunately, he can get it again. Swine flu is just like any other flu. you don't get the flu once in your life do you, fortunately, swine flu in and of itself is very rare (when it's not an epidemic) cheers!

Michi said...

Maybe :D

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