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Did you know that there is a pandemic or an epidemic about every 10 years? And the last pandemic was from 1997-99, so we're due for one.
And the Mexican "swine flu" or H1N1 outbreak was NOT a pandemic or epidemic.


Akissa said...

Whenever the world, country,city gets to populated

Ben said...

There have only been 3 pandemics in a 100 years. In 1918 was the Spanish flu, in 1957 was the Asian flu, and in 1968 was the Hong Kong flu. So how is it every 10 years? And that was NOT a pandemic. One person died, and it didn't spread outside of one base.
And how is swine flu not a pandemic? Health officials expect it to kill in between 90,000 and 450,000 in the US alone. It hasn't even gotten used to us yet, and once it does, we could be in for trouble. It's going to last up to two years. It's also following the exact same path as Spanish flu. Mild cases in Spring/Summer, and then it goes away a lot (which it's starting to do in the US), then all of a sudden it comes back in the flu season with a vengeance. I expect another one in the middle of this century.

Anonymous said...

technically it was a pandemic, so any statistics you are using would have similar levels outbreaks listed as pandemics meaning statistically speaking it did count.

Pelle K said...

We are already in pandemic due to the swine flu. The WHO said so, I believe it was sometimes in June.

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