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I'm not sure if it's just a cold or the virus but I'm having horrible headaches, tired, coughing, sore throat, body ache, and having a horrible time breathing. I do have asthma which makes the breathing a lot worse. Just want some opinions on what to do. I want to stay home and wait it out and try to get over it alone but not sure if its the right thing to do.


Carrie Doway said...

Not sure what country you're in but current guidelines in the UK are...If you feel like you have flu of any description and are worried/ having a tough time with breathing then you should ring your GP surgery and ask for advice. Asthmatics should always be wary with any flu/cold that goes to their chest regardless of what strain it is. If you're in the UK you should have had the pneumonia vaccine as a matter of course which is the one thing that has carried so many off with the swine flu.

Reverie said...

Go consult a Doctor. it is important for those with asthma or other respiratory conditions to be aware of the basic facts about influenza and how it is spread, people with asthma or other chronic lung conditions are at a higher risk for developing complications from influenza. Antiviral Medications , like Tamiflu and Relenza can treat Swine Flu , in its early,middle and serious stages. but its highly recommended you get checked .

Zack I said...

I don't think it would make any difference.

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