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A few days ago i had most of the symptoms such as sore throat, and slight fever, and vomiting. However, I was too lazy too get tested. Now im just coughing so it was probably not h1n1 and just the common flu.
Getting back to the point, there are thousands of confirmed cases but how much more do you think that would be if that included unreported cases?

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bostongl said...

Im sure there are alot. due to the fact that it is less dangerous than ppl previously believed they find it not important to get tested. I had sore body, cough, sore throat,fever, and runny nose, starting saturday and im pretty sure i hav swine... i dont wanna get tested bc i hav finals this week and wanna finish out the school year, i havnt been absent once... my parents r probs gonna make me get tested, but anyway i bet there r nearly double the reported cases...

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