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to be honest, i haven't been following the h1n1 news at all, just heard from people.
however i did realise that since this new type of virus was discovered, more people have been getting sick, with the normal kind of flu. like before it started i didn't see so many people getting sick and suddenly the flu virus is spreading around. my country here hasn't really been affected by the swine flu until one and a half weeks ago.
so does the h1n1 affect the normal flu rate around or am i just paranoid?


loves christmas lights said...

The two have nothing to do with each other. The news when one thing is big covers stories near it also more.
The flu has been pretty good actually if you look up old data from deaths from the flu.
The flu has a season all its own, many flus are included in that. The way news can spread faster and faster, makes it seem like things are happening more and more, not true, we are just able to access more date faster than ever before.
Im glad so far your country is holding out well against that, lets hope we do. So far this flu has not done caused as many deaths as it sure could of. I do wonder what years in the future hold if it will return or go away.

prince_a said...

Swine Flu, or H1N1, is it's own flu virus strain, it is different from the "normal" flu virus. But the reason why we have to get a new flu shot every year is because there are always new strains of flu popping up. The H1N1 is MUCH more contagious than previous strains, that's why more people have been getting sick. And it's not that the H1N1 is that much more deadly, it's more contagious. People die from the regular flu every year, but alot more people caught the H1N1 because it is so contagious.

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