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I don't know why people are over reacting so much to the swine flu. Is it more deadly than the regular influenza? Many People get the flu every year, some may die from it, some may recover. But They never closed schools just because someone died from the flu. So why is the swine flu any different?


Akhil C said...

There aren't any differences in fact the seasonal flu is more dangerous than the swine flu, it kills 36,000 people in the US alone. But the view of swine flu as a dangerous flu is because of many reasons including almost all the people it killed are young healthy youth and the higher chances of the virus mutation which can lead to something more deadly like the spanish flu which killed like millions of people.

Victoria said...

The flu is a old string ,but this string is a hybrid of flu's some from birds and some from pigs and some from humans
right now there is no real threat. some want to be infected now so in the next flu season if it becomes more lethal they will already have have some immunity
really its not gonna be that bad sheesh it will blow over.... hopefully

Chandler said...

Because the Powers That Be reached into their Jar Of Random B.S. Distractions to stop the population from Getting Wise To Them, and pulled out a little twist of paper which read, "Swine Flu".
I'm not joking.

Dave R said...

it came frum pigs (and mexicans frum Mexico)

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