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I want to know a little more about swine flu. What is the British Government saying are the basic precautions to help contain the possible flu pandemic? 10 easy points!


Rhianna Returns said...

If you are in the UK, ring this free phone advise line that has recently been set up: 0800 1 513 513

qualityo said...

The basic precautions to prevent the "Swine Flu" are the same as preventing transmission of other pathogens. The biggest and most important thing to do is wash your hands often. Also if you see that somebody is sick try to avoid contact with them. Another good practice is to carry an alcohol based hand sanitizer with you to use when handwashing facilities aren't readily available. As long as you stick to these precautions, and dont travel to areas that the pathogen is present in (ie. Mexico). You will have a very good chance of not having any kind of exposure.

AnnieB said...

You will receive your information leaflet throught he post on Tuesday 5th May. I would imagine from emails I have seen it will state;
1. wash hands before and after toilet, food preparation and contact with other people who are unwell etc.
2. Stay away from people who are 'high risk' - people back from mexico or people who have been near these people and are feeling unwell.
3. if you feel unwell, do not go your GP. Phone nhs 24 and speak to their advisors who will contact Health Protection Agency and get you tested for swine flu.
They will also advise against stockpiling excessively but to have cupboards appropriately stocked to cover approx 7 days (the recommended quaratine period at present)

fiddler said...

Stay indoors and look after yourself.Would you expect anything less from
these self serving tossers?

Charlie said...

look for symptoms, especially rashers all over your skin

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