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Maybe an infected bird pooped on a pig? I really don`t know!


Anonymous said...

"Supposedly", a bird with avian flu infected a pig. Theory is that a pig ate the bird droppings while chowing on its slop.
Now this pig just so happened to have the swine flu at the time.
So inside this pigs gut, the avian flu and swine flu - combine.
Here comes a sick little mexican boy who has the regular human flu.
He just so happens to come a little too close sanitary wise to this pig. He then walks away with this new virus.
a combination of human swine and avian flu.
what are the odds huh

SweetPea said...

I would say it's 50/50 at best that this incredibly rare strain of combined human, swine and bird flu was a natural/accidental mutation, and killing neither birds nor swine will prevent it, they are not the carriers nor the cause. As soon as they realized it was transferrable human-to-human there should have been a lock down ordered on Mexico and all potential infectees quarrantined for the incubation period. Instead being more concerned about economic issues, or just being plain stupid, or wanting another crisis to milk for power (as illustrated in "V for Vendetta") because they are allowing this illness to spread across the globe. Keep in mind that during solar sunspot minimum cycles such as at present, (cooler temps, growing ice sheets, no ocean rise) you often have a pandemic of some kind although scientists have not presented any one clear factor.

catawhum said...

There saying they don't know where it came from,a nd it's not pigs. I find this hard to believe since it has bird& pig flu in it. No we should eat them we will get very poor if everything shuts down like the 1918 influenza. This is a dif strain then that one, and the scarier thing it is only dif because it mutates from person to person meaning we cannot become immune once we do it will be a whole dif disease. I've did the calculation, and with the increase in population & since this one is more dangerous. 200 million- 1 billion could die. There are also an estimated 100 or so cases unconfirmed. The virus has been doubling now it's tripling, and fast. we are at level 5 right now when florida confirms there 3 cases we will be a 6 full blown no turning back. florida doctors have confirmed the three too, but won't say because they think if we go to level 6 everyone will freak.…

jenna said...

actually, it didn't start with either, a little boy brought it to the US

football said...

preliminary studies show the swine in Mexico do not have h1n1

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