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"People cannot get the swine flu from eating pork or pork products, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And health officials say there is no evidence the flu originated from hogs. The new flu strain is a mix of genetic material from swine, avian and human flu viruses."
Its a mix of swine, avian, and human flu viruses. Was this flu released on purpose to control population numbers?


Kinipela said...

Oi you people need to get a lesson on how infectious disease works,
pig carries virus aka a vector... people living in close proximity to pigs pick up virus and becomes the new host and as people come into contact with one another the virus gets passed along. How did people in 3 unrelated countries get it, well they came into contact with the virus... its pretty simple and unfortunately pandemics are a natural occurrence...also flu viruses mutate all the time, the flu vaccine given each years is always based on the previous years strain which is usually not the same as the strain going around...

Kayla said...

Spanish Flu's genome was sequenced in 2004 after an expedition a few years earlier to find bodies buried in permafrost. This is recorded in Kirsty Duncan's book "Hunting the 1918 Flu". It was found to be Swine Flu. But Science magazine Nature reports
"Recently, a team of US scientists resurrected a virus that has since been labelled 'perhaps the most effective bioweapons agent now known' (von Bubnoff, 2005). In 1918, a highly virulent strain of influenza virus killed up to 50 million people worldwide. The virus – later dubbed the Spanish Flu – killed more people than any other disease of similar duration in the history of humankind. Until last year, this virus was extinct, preserved only as small DNA fragments in victims buried in Alaskan permafrost"
So swine flu was extinct except in US Labs (military labs, the same labs where the weaponised Anthrax originated in the 2001 attacks).
Therefore as strange as it may be sound... it does look as the coincidence of swine flu and avain flu spliced with human flu genes does meet the worries of this researcher writing in 2003...
"An influenza virus "especially one genetically manipulated for increased virulence” would be an attractive weapon for bioterrorists"

Andy said...

You might want to question who is making a profit on this as well. Barack Obama, Al Gore, and Donald Rumsfeld all own shares of the company who makes the Tamiflu drug to treat this virus.
Even more sickening is that the company just caught putting weaponized virus in their vaccines is developing the vaccine, in record time, for this latest virus. Illinois-based Baxter working on swine flu vaccine.
A virus mutates in nature. It doesn’t splice DNA with Swine, Avian Bird, and the 1918 Spanish Flu virus from North America, Europe, and Asia. That happens in the laboratory.
You can’t deny the facts that the same company developing the vaccine for the latest virus was also just recently caught trying to distribute a deadly virus combination in their vaccine.
>> The Toronto Sun article where Baxter was already caught doing this
This is not a hoax. Dead bodies are not a hoax. What is happening now is not a hoax. It is fact. What Baxter and Bayer did is fact. If you deny these facts, I can’t help you. You’re beyond help.

Bible Prophecy proves God said...

The swine flu apparently is being traced back to a lady from California, who went to visit oaxaca via mexico on bus. She died from it on 4/13. Also, about 3,000 in veracruz are claiming that they have been having swine flu outbreaks since December, and getting it from a large pig farm that is 50% owned by a US company, but all their pigs and workers tested negative for the swine flu. Anyway, the theory so far is that it originated from asia, and came through the US into mexico. Also, the who has been at level 5 for a while now, i have a cousin who works in mexican government.

bellesda said...

There are three possibilities-
A biologically engineered virus for a terrorist attack.
A biologically engineered virus for population maintenance.
A naturally occurring phenomena.
We mustn't panic because of the media's hysteria, the only reason there have been so many deaths in Mexico is because of bad health care (Not meant to offend anybody) and there has only been one confirmed death caused by Swine Influenza in the United States.
This could be a biologically engineered virus created by a radical terrorist group such as Al-Qaeda to attack innocent U.S. citizens, knowing that the United States borders are more protected than Mexico's, the virus could have easily been transmitted to the Mexican people and so forth.
Viruses have been known to "jump" and transmit genes to one another creating somewhat of a hybrid virus. This MAY be the case with the Swine flu, being that it is a hybrid of The Avian flu, the Swine Flu, and the seasonal Human flu (sometimes there isn't some grand scheme to it all) this is what happened with the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic but the Avian Influenza Virus jumped DIRECTLY to humans.
The swine flu could have been created to maintain increasing populations in Mexico and may have accidentally been transmitted to American tourists who eventually spread the virus to the United States.
The bottom line, no matter what the cause, don't worry so much about it because the majority of the deaths were caused by bad health care, not the flu itself.
Hoped I was of some help.

Lyle Smith said...

Pretty sure it wasn't released or genetically modified to hurt humans.
However, throughout the course of history thus far, the earth has found a way to eliminate human beings on this earth. Whether that may have been through disease, water shortages, floods, earthquakes, etc.
Maybe the world is overpopulating itself, which it is. Maybe this is one of the signs we need to be doing something different?
Perhaps, stop having so many kids????!
Why do you think China has a one kid one family rule?
Because they are smart and are environmentally conscious.
If we don't do something, I do believe the 2012 scare might happen.

❤Love❤ said...

Swine flu is obviously a deadly bio-agent engineered by the Z.O.G . machine to kill anybody who isn't Jewish. Those sneaky shylock bastards have created the perfect weapon to use on the gentiles.
No, you idiot. If Swine Flu is genetically engineered weapon, then it is the worst bio-weapon ever. Just like Bird Flu and SARS everybody is going to panic like idiots and then it won't go away but people will stop caring. People still get SARS, but since it is no worse than the common flu(much like Swine Flu) nobody cares. And in a few weeks nobody will care about Swine Flu.
AIDS on the other hand...

wally_me said...

It's unlikely, but I wouldn't say impossible.
Just think, the smallpox virus has been extict, as in no one has the virus, so spreading stopped. BUT, the United States is holding a strain of it to use as a weapon in war if the time comes. This is a hard fact.
There is no way to know for sure, but virus' are constantly mutating and taking dna from the dna of other organsisms to bypass the immune systems of their host. Virus' are smart and have caused havok in the past, and could still do so in the future even with our modern sciences and healthcare.
as far as population control goes, I would rule that one out. Because this is not "controlled". They have no way of knowing exactly how many people will become infected, how fast it will spread, how well people avoid it or contract it.. or how many will die from it. If they wanted to reduce the population, they wouldnt do it in a way that could put our healthcare workers in direct danger.. especially with our already huge shortage of healthcare.

FutureNu said...

MRSA was a scientific test gone wrong. and maybe they created the swine flu to control the population. like a herd of buffalos are being hunted the weakest gets killed fastest. the group will allways stay with the slowest but when the slowest gets killed, this makes the herd faster as a whole coz they dont have to wait for he slower one.
maybe the government created the virus to kill of weaker people so future generation will be stronger as its only the stronger ones left. this virus will control the strengh of the people

Jed F said...

Originally, that's what I thought too. Then again, I just think everything is some kind of conspiracy. I think it's more down to the fact that humans keep animals in horrible factory farm conditions, which will obviously encourage the spread of viruses, disease, etc. I blame humankind. Pretty much anything bad that happens is our own fault, because we think we rule the world and clearly, we don't. That's good ol' Mother Nature's job, I say.
Also, I did some reasearch on it and found out that it killed 50 million people in 1918-1919, so who knows? Maybe it was purposely made and maybe it wasn't. I'm still very skeptical though, I must admit.

Veggie said...

Hmmm. I once read a book by Tom Clancy about a group of rich people and scientists who were going to create a disease and spread it by putting it in the body misters at the Sydney Olympics (So people from all over the world would get it, and then take it home) to control population.
This sounds like a minor version of that.
Lets see April Vacation + vacationers= Mexico
However, it may be different.
It could be a USA plot to seal of the borders of the surrounding countries once and for all.
But I agree; We are not being told something. How did it jump to airborne? Why are we being told its not fatal when 138 people in Mexico have died from it? Why aren't politicians addressing it as much as they need to?
This flu is slinking its way into a massive pandemic, keep your eyes open ;)

Gravity said...

While evolution does not generally occur on a large scale in a convergent fashion, there have been many cases of multiple viruses being caught by one person, and converging within their body. Perhaps this is because of the microscopic nature of flu viruses. Either way, it was been observed in some cases, so I don't picture this as a purposefully released virus.

Prospero Reincarnate said...

that kinda reminds me of I Am Legend when they made that disease to cure cancer but it ended up killing almost everyone.
well you know how it kill those people? a mutation.
im pretty sure that the swine flu did originate from hogs/pigs or else it wouldnt have the name. viruses can take over cells, bacteria, animal, and plants. (viruses cant multiply unless they have a host)
so i believe that this strain of swine flu has just formed by a mutation from other swine flus.

Anonymous said...

we suddenly see a modified strsin of swine flu, occurring all around the world??? simultaneously, as it seems to take 7 days for symptoms to really set in, and now (2 weeks into this epidemic) we see the unusual strain occurring all over North America, New Zealand and Isreal.
So, how does an "UNUSUAL STRAIN" suddenly spread across 3 totally unconnected continents ????
Perhaps someone with ability to transport the germs has made a vacation that included these areas ????
If so, now the responsible group knows for sure how to spread many diseases (bomb sniffing dogs cannot detect viral germs)
Iraqi science research teams included chemical and biological weapons....into their repitoire
IMHO I do believe these incidents are articificially induced infections carried out by a "martyr of Islam"
Next we should find many new strains of virus' i.e. herpes as pandemic, polio could be mutated beyond the realm of the "Salk" vaccine.....psycho martyrs will spoil the entire public system worldwide, with equivocated logi.....perhaps a nice nuclear winter will be cleansing in fact

Prince of Pennsylvania Avenue said...

as of late i think it might have been. i heard sumthing about the usa and canada having their computers hacked into. they tracked it back to china. the part that scares me is they might not have been looking at if we can protect ourselves from nukes but if we can protect ourselves from this new flu.
its rele not a big secret that we have tons of people that cross from mexico to the usa. theres illegals found in every state what better way to spread a deadly sickness. another thing to point out is this is all happening right around spring break. alot of kids went down there to welcome spring and brought back sumthing extra.

Anonymous said...

The swine flu is just another strain of the flu. It's not killing people left and right; and it's nothing to sweat over. The only people who have to worry are babies, the elderly, and those with weakened immune systems. I just don't understand why it's being reported as something that is going to cause the end of the world. REDICULOUS.

bmizzle said...

just get a life people! stop being so immature! take biology if you haven't already and you will know and understand how viruses and bacteria evolve to become stronger and stronger once there we find ways to destroy them...and that's how they always end up finding a way to mutate themselves into a new virus or bacteria by combining with various strains...meaning by combining with different viruses or bacteria...however...this kind of virus is rare...because it's made from 3 different strains and this usually only happens when it is man-made...but I highly doubt it was man-made...but it could still happen natually...just like the unexplainable evolved species in the arctic...due to the melting of iceburgs in other words...who knows...and let's try to be realistic here people ok?

Anonymous User said...

you know, it's not entirely impossible for that to be the case. the government has weaponized versions of anthrax, bird flu, ebola etc...but people will label you a "conspiracy nutter" if you raise these types of questions. people like to live in their little bubbles of denial. i'd say it's totally possible but whether or not it is, i'd say probably's probably a natural phenomenon.

Roger M said...

I don't know but Obama might have it. Also, remember in 1976 the swine flu only killed 1 person, but the government's solution paralyzed around 500... and we are supposed to believe the government can take care of us...?

team_sug said...

The virus jumped from pigs to humans and has mutated into another strain in the human body. Which idiot would do that, this is suicide, causing an out break on purpose would have worsened the current economy which is already on its knee. This is an absurd conclusion to make.

JasonWei said...

Well population control NEEDS to happen, but people balk when you tell them they can't have more than two kids. Apparently war, famine, and death is okay as long as we can preserve our right to choose. Is it so surprising that something like that could happen?
But if the US government wanted this to happen I think they'd release it in an Eastern country, not Mexico. And btw our society would have to be in the shitter for any group of people to consider doing something like that. So no, I don't think it is.

Jake S said...

I was worried too but felt much better after reading this article:
Washing your hands is a good idea. Surprisingly, eating garlic does have antibiotic effects. I hope this helps!

Sara K said...

That wouldn't be entirely bad assumption however we don't know for sure what the facts are yet. The flu might've been a mutation on its own. The possibility of it being genetically engineered to harm humans is beyond anyone's wildest dreams. I mean seriously , what kind of motives would a person have in deliberating killing his/her own people ?

crazy girl said...

i think that maybe it was
our government is corrupt
they might have done it to cover our economy situation
they wanna sell the vaccine
they have shutdown school which take a lot of money!!!
and i wouldnt think that they are using this to shorten popluation and other people ciming in from foreign countries
especially mexico..
its like a cople of year back when anthrax was around
our own government sent anthrax letetrs to their own senators
they are all blaming it on the mexican
that aint right
its a perfect situaion to not letting mexicans or immigrants come into the usa

blueberr said...

You never know, I've seen many CIA report accusing China of Biological-Warfare. I also heard the Iran's Revolutionary Guards has a base on the Northern Side of Mexico.
Perhaps it's a pact between these two countries to attack North American. Remember Mexico is Catholic state.
But I don't think one is terrorist attack, I think virus become intelligent.

Ogmios said...

i have been saying this for years and people have been telling me i am mad. watch 28weeks later it is happining. They think, If they make a film people will think it is not going to happen, they can hide the truth LOOK what is happning KNOW it has got out of contro. Mexico had to be the test place? They have been preparing for thisfor 5years
from D l

kaileigh said...

nope heres what happened huni... a bird was sick...and gave it to a already sick pig ..because that pig is already sick it mutated into something deadly and then it was passed to a already sick human.... this caused the strain to mutate futher... and then the human sneezes..wolla 50 people start carring

lolly poop said...

So he could hide the New World Order/Illuminati/ Freemason/ Skull & Bones/ Spanish Inquisition/ Area 51 conspiracy (yes, they all joined together to do this, that's how big it is!) and they would have gotten away with it, if it wasn't for you meddling kids!

Neocon Swine (America's Flu) said...

Probably not. And if it is, that would be quite unfortunate. I don't see the population numbers it has affected to be significant enough to be "under control".

geary said...

No but it would make a great comic book story.
Influenza viruses are constantly mutating.
The greater the population of its host you pack into a smaller space, the faster it is going to mutate.

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