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Swine flu was classified as phase 5 April 29, 2009.
Thats the second highest phase related to Swine Flu, apparently.
I've heard many different things when it comes to phase 6.
I live in Central New York, and recently a couple schools were closed down for a week or so for dicontamination.
How will New York/US be effected if the epidemic is raised to phase 6?


Rockford said...

I'm just guessing, but I read a book on the Spanish Flu and I would think the following would happen.
Stadiums would close. No rock concerts or sporting events. No parades or other events where large amounts of people gather. Churches and movie theatres included. Postpone that wedding.
No air travel or cruise ship travel. Restaurants would be drive thru only. Taking the bus and subway would be discouraged or you would have to wear a mask.
Schools and Colleges would close. People would be encouraged to work from home if they can.
People will be told to keep pets inside and not have them roam around the neighbourhood. Some people will panic and abandon their pets for no reason.
Trade between countries will slow to a trickle. The hotels will be empty.
I don't think it will get to phase 6

Trouble said...

We will have to see how the rest of the US and Europe fairs with it.
The News coming from Mexico is not very well done!
First Mexico 'hid' it for a few days then when it was Discovered they 'LIED' about the amount of cases.....Yesterday they said 425 cases and 110 Dead. Now today ONLY 19 are Dead.
I DON'T THINK MEXICO REALLY KNOWS, ONE WAY OR THE OTHER.....and the Media is getting 'blamed 'for Reporting it wrong......go figure!
Just be patient, I'm sure the "TRUTH" will come out.....SOON!

roarmrdi said...

You will turn into a pig.
Symptoms include...
-Eating garbage
-An urge to get dirty
-Curly tail sprouting where your coccyx is
-Begin to oink...
If you suffer from any of these symptoms go to your local doctor immediatley before someone turns you into bacon...

Lincoln6 said...

Before you panic, have it show up in your community.

Yankees Unleash said...

it wont reach lvl 6

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