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Basically, Airborne is concocted of common household herbs to help boost your immune system. However, any infection can still be contracted from one individual to another despite taking any preventative measures - especially if the germs are transmitted through bodily fluids, such as coughing, sneezing, vomiting, etc.
So, taking Airborne as a supplement does not protect you from any virus. However, with a healthy and sanitary lifestyle, you can increase your chances of not getting sick at all. That, and staying away from people.


Becky said...

HECK, NO! The scientists and chemists are scrambling for a vaccine for it. It MAY help LITTLE with a cold. It is just Vitamin C.
Where in the world did you hear something like that??

Tahoe said...

No. It is a virus that we have not built up any immunities too. That is why people with excellent immune systems are dying from the virus.

Anonymous said...

i don't believe it can. but i believe by building up the immune system you have a better chance of fighting the virus

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