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What is the difference between swine flu and the regular flu?


~CaliSwe said...

The Swine Flu is much more deadlier than the regular flu, or so I've heard!
I hope this helped! :)
I hope none of us catch it.
Alexis :0)

Muqbool said...

ok people we are all going to life. The swine flu is a mix of pig, human , and bird flu. its a little worst then the regular flu. did you know in america 40,000 people die of the regular flu, but do you see that on the news no but 156 people die around the world from this swine flu. its ok the media just wants us to freak out and the news gets a lot more people to watch there show just because of a pig flu that is killing humans.

cooljoe said...

You can't really tell unless you get tested at the laboratory. Symptoms are all the same.

all_hail said...

i dont know much about it... im only 15 after all... but i do know that a flu is just idk being sick... lol.. but the swine flu is ver serious... if someone is coughing on you or sneezing on you or you shake someones hand after they sneezed on their hand... and you run your nose... and you get teh swine flu... you die 3 days afterwards... thats what my parents told me anyways. if im mistaken.. im sorry.

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