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What are some detail on this, and will it be distributed to anyone. I have heard that they will have one in the US, so will there be one for my loved ones in Mexico. I am willing to pay.


Kenito said...

The vaccine will be made available world-wide when available... but not before another 6 months.
There are currently more cases outside of Mexico than in Mexico. Recent reports indicate that it is now believed that the virus originated in China, not Mexico. The WHO recognized Mexico's efforts as having been exemplary and effective. Most of Mexico had no cases in the first place.
So far, the H1N1 strain was actually less damaging than a normal flu season outbreak.
I am sure your loved ones can visit a physician and/or pharmacy in Mexico if they decide they need a flu shot.
I think all of the hype and sensationalism about this was terribly unfair to Mexico.

Cabochic said...

Hola. I'm really sorry, but as you know, Mexico and the USA are different, especially when it comes to care of their citizens. You will need to purchase the vaccine in the USA and take it to Mexico for your loved ones to get it. Mexico will not be handing out this vaccine to everyone.

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