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I know I'm being silly, but my boyfriend might have swine flu as he went over to a friends house whose Mum has it. So if he has got it when will he start to get sick? And what are the chances of dying from Swine Flu? Is it any higher than normal flu? I've been told if you have Asthma it is worse for you and he has it which is why i'm worried. Plus if he comes over my house is it high risk for him to be around my brother who is 10 or my Grandad?

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megz said...

there is little chance you will die from swine flu. It is just like normal flu, and there is nothing to be worried about. It is a higher risk if you have underlying health problems, but these are illnesses such as chronic heart disease or chronic lung disease etc. if he has really bad asthma then there is a higher risk, but still little chance. And i would suggest there is a higher risk around your brother and grandad because children and old people's immune systems are not as strong as adults, so they are more susceptible to the influenza, and there is a higher risk of death, because their body cannot make the antibodies to fight the virus.

lisa m said...

Right now I really don't think anyone knows what's going on with this virus. It's still relatively new to us and even though I've been following just about every new update (US and worldwide) I am finding myself even more confused than before. At first it seemed like only those with underlying health issues or those who are pregnant should be concerned while the rest of us "healthy" ones should be prepared to be sickened with a virus with only mild symptoms. Now it seems even healthy individuals are falling victim. The only hard core fact here is that this is a new virus and that none of us will have any immunity to it. So, whether you have underlying health issues or not, if you get it just be careful. If you think you have it, or are about to get it. monitor your symptoms. We are all different and so are our immune systems.... I'd hate to see what mine is like because I don't take vitamins or eat vegetables and right now I'm practically dying from Bronchitis. I think right now everyone is fair game to this virus, whether you're 5 years old or 55. Like I said before, we're still in the beginning stages of this and the information out there is going to change constantly as more and more cases arise. If you're sick and worried.... call your doctor. Only he/she can give you the best advice. Good luck!!

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