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So the World Health Organization has moved to level 6 which is a pandemic. Do you think that the current pandemic will worsen? If so when. Also share any comments about what you think.


soylent green said...

Because of our lack of natural resistance to this virus, it's possible that up to 30 percent of the population will be infected. Not a big deal unless the virus mutates or re-assorts itself (by swapping genetic material with other viruses). The southern hemisphere, now entering their flu season, will be one place to watch. Another place will be Asia - particularly Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand - if the virus is going to re-assort it is most likely to happen there. The big unknown is how this virus will evolve. It could evolve to become less or more dangerous, it could evolve it's own immunity to current medications. It could also evolve it's genetic structure so that the vaccination that is currently being developed will no longer work.
Anyone who says they know "for sure" what will happen is a kook.
One other place that needs to be watched is Egypt. They've had a recent spike in Avian Flu. The greatest danger exists in what potentially might happen when large number of Swine Flu infections start to put pressure on the Avian Flu. The nightmare scenario would be a virus that is as pathogenic as the Avian Flu and as contagious as Swine Flu.
Still, there's no point in worrying about something you can't control.

Seb said...

the common cold is in fact a pandemic. people are freaking out over nothing.

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