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We're now up to 147 cases and it's increasing huge amounts each day. There are more cases of swine flu here than any other country in the world apart from Mexico. Why are there so many?


Paul R said...

we ourselves are heading into our seasonal flu season, unlike america which was officially out of its flu season, as we head into the colder months we will start to see more swine flu cases.
i might be that history is about to repeat itself and this flu might do the same thing as the spanish flu. but there is one major difference. back in 1918-1920 they naver had the anti viral drugs tamiflu and relenza. our medical advancements have become far greater then it was in that period.
but if that is the case as well and the second wave occurs the people that survived the first outbreak will most likely gain immunity from swine flu.
this might be stupid but letting your immune systems experience swine flu might be beneficial. that is called addaptaion, that same thing occured in the spanish flu outbreak after WW1. in which during the first wave people that survived had a certain amount of immuity to the spanish flu. there immune systems addapted to the strain of spanish flu
EDIT: people blaming the government are idiots seriously the government cannot do everything. they cannot contain a swine flu outbreak on its own that is not their job, their job is to run the country. it is our job to take the proper precautions to make sure this flu doesn't get out of hand.
if you do have flu like symptoms call the doctor to come to your house don't go to the surgury you will only infect other people, good personal hygiene, a ready supply of medication (tamiflu, relenza). these are some of the things you can do not only to protect others but to protect yoursef as well

luko b said...

Why? Simple!
Take a read of some of the answers to the question you have posted. Nobody cares and a lot of people think it is one big hoax, it is these people or like-minded people which are spreading the virus around.
The world has been overdue for a major flu pandemic for many many years, just because it is overdue doesn't mean it won't happen. The high mutation rate of the Influenza virus makes it a serious threat, and it is really frustrating being an educated person, to read comments such as those posted here, in newspapers basically everywhere.
I mean come on, nobody really cares about anybody else today anyway. Everyday I catch a train into Sydney city I have people sneezing on me, coughing on me, spitting on me, blowing their noses into their hands then touching railings on the train. And there of course are particular age groups and racial groups more likely to do this, but I will leave that for you to figure out for yourself.
People are disgusting and just don't care about each other anymore, basically sums it up.

Ngoc O.O" said...

Lol, there are heaps of factors that make the swine flu spread quicker than other countries - weathers, immunization, etc.
Because we're affecting with the normal influenza so the swine flu pretty much build up and follow the same way as normal flu. Also immunization, because of the last H1N1 virus (bird flu) didn't hit Australia, we're somewhat didn't have the immunization to fight against this H1N1. The body is completely new to this virus, so it's harder to fight it off.
That's what i reckon...

Kamikaze Watermelon said...

The reason it spreads a lot quicker than other countries is because the people on the cruise ship were from all parts of Australia. Besides, it was also unexpected that swine flu would reach Australia because of their quarantine systems. Because our quarantine policies are so strict, the government had no backup plan for if swine flu does actually get in, or if they did it probably wasn't a good one.
However out of 21 million people, 167 is not much, so the general public has little worry about it. Kids are very immune to the disease although not completely.

Aussies are Brain DEad said...

Propaganda by the RUD Government to take the emphasis off the 315 BILLION dollar debt. Fact remains that every year there is a different strain of the flu. The fact remains people every year die from the flu, and yes, people this year will die from this flu. The countries experiencing the worst effects are obvious by geography and economic status not well equipped to handle even basic out breaks of any kind so of course they would experience worse death results.
To say this flu is a major threat to us is just scare mongering and I’m sure that the RUD LABOUR government is milking this. They may fool some but they won’t fool us all. $315 billion debt will be around a lot longer than this flu outbreak MR PRIMEMINISTER.

dipper said...

Just the beginning in Australia…
Many other countries have been way ahead on transmission of virus..
Yes it looks bad in Australia, your flu season is just beginning if my memory serves me correctly.
Just follow precautions and the truth is if you are young or pregnant and or have underlying health conditions do be careful. take good care of yourself.
This is the first wave,so lets hope this novel virus dies out, not come back with a full wrath on the second wave.…

Unhappy said...

Most probably because we are entering the normal winter (flu) season while finishing in the northern hemisphere. Additionally, and I dont know how people do things abroard, but most Aussies don't wash their hand after going to the toilet, coughing, do not use hankies anymore so they spray it all over the place. Furthermore, the virus could have evolved more. The question is is how fast is it spreading compared to a normal Flu, about the same I would guess. I believe the Spanish flu (1918ish) had a second stage effect in spreading then evolved and 'dissappeared' untill the Avion flu arrived 3 or 4 years ago

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how everyone is buying into this scare mongering, every single year thousands of people world wide die from some strain of 'flu, this so much remainds me of the panic over avian 'flu and also back in the 80's when HIV raised it's ugly head. They are saying that people who are a bit older have better immunity to this bug because we haven't been whacked with anti-viral and anti-biotic medications whenever we sneeze, cough or pass gas.

No Way Jan said...

"Travel and tourism" bringing it here in the first place. Secondly, it is the 'flu season in Australia anyway, so conditions are ideal for it to spread easily.
As all 'flu is possibly fatal, usually only to those with little or no immunity, I wonder how dangerous this 'flu compares to previous ones. Is it over-exaggerated by the media? It does sound like vaccinations are not too far away also. I didn't bother with a 'flu shot this year as I understand it is ineffective anyway against this new strain.

Flash Gordon said...

This swine flu is spreading quicker due to mis information that been handed out by our government to be a distraction from whats really happening in this world.Every year people get the flu and die(people with weak immune system).Yet no major deaths have been reported unlike the influenza in the 1920s where millions died.Its a crock of sh%$. Watch the film "the tail that wags the dog" then you might understand how the media clowns are manipulated by spin doctors.

slavetot said...

I have just read an interesting article that i feel should be read by all as it pertains to this virus we have no Vaccine for it at the moment the CSL laboratories are RUSHING to get one available by July after reading this article I for ONE will not be taking it till i have seen the side affects of this vaccine especially after reading that the Soldiers on both sides of the first world war were subjected to this cocktail and more soldiers died from being injected by this cocktail of vaccines then were actually killed by the bullet of an enemy gun. and as a result of these troops coming home bought the flu with them and the governments organised mass immunisation for the populace resulting in millions dying from not the flu but the vaccine that was suppose to prevent it. They blamed the flu but in fact was the side effects of the vaccine

Paul said...

Because it is winter in the southern hemisphere right now, and flu always spread faster in colder weather. US and the northern hemisphere countries have just come off their flu season.
And on another note, the flu is going to spread no matter what quarantine/condition you have on. I believe 40% of population will be affected because there is no natural immunity to the swine flu as yet (being new exposure), but some will only have very minor symptoms whereas someone else can have a much more serious effect.
Stock up on food, avoid going to crowded confine places, e.g. shopping centres, cinemas, take care of personal hygeine are the best defences you can have.

Anonymous said...

We didn't take it seriously and we still don't. Swine flu started in Mexico and Mexico is a million miles from Australia. But like all viruses, once it spreads, it spreads quickly and nothing is going to stop it. If it wasn't swine flu, it would be another type of out break of flu virus. This is Australia's flu season (winter) By the time warmer weather comes around, thousands of unlucky people would have had the flu. It's mother nature at work. The strong will survive.

Sarah M said...

If our government and people were doing everything they could to minimise cases, we would not have over 100 cases.
Instead of letting people infect the airports when they get off the plane, why not screen them before they get ON the plane?
'No, we must spread it all over the world, and when half of the population is dead, then we might sit up and take notice....' seriously, the carelessness really irks me.
How's the infected Perth man, whose family and him were told to stay indoors with protective measures, and his family jumps into their car to go out, there's a cameraman nearby, and the person rolls down the window and spits out! They could have just infected the cameraman, who then infects his colleagues, then all of their friends and family....
Erm, you get my point.
Is it really so hard to be careful?!

Queen RuBee said...

Here here - Jenifer G. Yours in one of the only sensible replies!
We think the swine flu is spreading quicker here because that is what the media/big pharma would have us believe. It is in our face 24 hours a day so it's a subtle form of brainwashing. Most of us are not prepared to do some research and make an informed decision in this regard.
As to vaccinations do you really believe that a squirt of dead animal cells, mercury, formeldehyde, preservatives and various other ingredients will protect you from getting the flu? I think not. Our diets/lifestyles are not conducive to a healthy body therefore your immune system is going to struggle with any germ, virus, etc.
Another point that the media "forget" to mention is that the deaths are usually the old/frail/sick/babies - so not mentioning that the mainstream will actually just get the flu and get on with it is totally misleading.
Before you dismiss my sentiments just check out the websites and make your own decision.

Anonymous said...

It's because like many things our government handles, "she'll be right mate" "nothing to worry about"! Until it's too late, it's like closing the gate after the horse has bolted.
The government should have Quarantined everyone the moment they were suspected of having the flu. They shouldn't have allowed people on a plane, bus, train, taxi or off a boat until it was safe.
Imagine if it was the plague! We would be really in the deep S**t.
Makes you wonder what the government would do if they started getting it, whether they would be more proactive!
Bottom line! It's about money and how not to spend it until the peasents start rioting or a Politician gets sick.

VacuumRo said...

Swine flu are passed from the animals.. Australia has many live stocks.which makes it vulnerable to these diseases. However, there are ways to improve your health and to prevent getting flu and allergic reactions.
Dust Mites are the main causes of flu and allergic reactions all over the world. The best way to prevent it is to vacuum often. Vacuum Robot can kill dust mites with it's built in UV Sterilizer Light.

denys g said...

One answer could be that those idiots on that P&O liner should have used there brains and notified the health department and had the liner put under instant quarantine, Instead they let the passengers off. The passengers went and caught flights home, just unbeknown s to them they were sharing that virus every were they went. As P&O were aware that some of there passenger had swine flu, they must where the blame. I strongly suggest a joint class action law suit against them... they P&O were aware of the situation. so they must where the legal consequences of there actions

Amelia Jessica said...

Well, all the reasons have been said, but I in reality I agree with some of the other answerers.
This flu is a very mild flu, in fact it has a higher survival rate than the common human flu. The only reason people should worry is if it were to mutate - yes, like the Spanish flu. But that is unlikely, but not impossible. And yes again, if you were to get the flu now, your chances of survival are going to be higher if the infection is going to mutate.
I think'd I'd be more scared if I didn't get the swine flu.

Pearl said...

A: "She'll be right, mate."
Our government and also our nation tends to be reactive rather than proactive, and not get worked up about things until they are perceived as a genuine threat. The general vibe I sense is, "oh it's not much worse than the ordinary flu, don't panic" so people go about as usual, make no precautions, and wonder why they get sick.
Lack of good personal hygiene doesn't really explain it though, as Japan has more cases (see link) than Australia and they are generally quite fastidious when it comes to hygiene.

Muz2nv said...

Uhh... I go to St. Monica's College in Epping and that has just been closed down due to the Swine Flu, an this is after the first diagnosis of Swine Flu a week ago. I think that the further spread to two other students was due to the fact that the school remained open. This shows, i think, that people are showing disregard for the virus, and they aren't treating it with the care and caution that is necessary, hence the rapid spread.

SpiritOf said...

I feel that the Health minister has had a laid back approach to the swine flu. Sending people to Hotels to quarantine people was a joke this would just spread the flu even further. Putting others health at risk including the Taxi drivers that had to drive them there come on Australia we can do better than this. Lets put a proper plan in order and stop the swine flu spreading further... Stop people coming back to the country from infected areas and step up the quarantine of the already know cases. Do these people care if others catch the flu? No because they were not worried about catching it themselves. So are they really staying home for the correct quarantine periods?

Misty said...

147 or even 200 is not a large percentage of people when you think of Australia's population. I read somehwere there are usually 1000 deaths a year from ordinary flu in Aust. This ofcourse takes into consideration the elderly, indiginous, and babies etc who all have lower immunities.
Also as others have is 'flu' season here and not in the northern hemisphere. Panic is not necessary at this point in time.

ozziebil said...

The Reason it spread so fast, was Incompetence and Lack of concern.
However it may be a good thing that its spreading so fast in its present state.
Its when you start attacking the Virus with a vaccine, that it will evolve and fight back. wait til its next swing around the world. we will be partly immune next time. Same pattern as the Spanish Flu. Was penicillin that evolved it to a deadly strain.

Emeli-Lo said...

Because families who have been tested for the flu (coming off a cruise ship) wander around visiting tourist centres and Paddy's market while they wait for the results which turn out to be positive. Too late for all the people they came into contact with the day before!!! That and we are coming into winter here - flu season and the US/Canada are leaving flu season. wait till next autumn (fall) over there and there will be lots more cases.

Dr Rosebud said...

I've been thinking of the same question.
It is a big problem, but we shouldn't worry much.
I think it is because Australia is one of the most visited continents, and people are coming from all around the world to see cool sites. A lot of those people are from the countries which have a high toll of swine flu cases.
I'm not sure, but it's best to stay away from crowded places until there is a vaccination.

gothic-a said...

i think they should stop people coming and going and maybe it might go away if people keep on traveling more people likely to get infected from the swine flu they should stop all traveling stop all planes and ships entering australia put everything on hold or more will die it is like the blag

tiffany n said...

here are my thoughts:
1) people aren't taking it serious enough. if youre waiting for test results eg. for HIV you wouldnt have unprotected sex. So if youre waiting back to hear if you have swine flu why go to crowded tourist locations?! Also people who say its just hype and fear mongering, saying big deal lots of people die from the flu. Yes people do die from the flu, but they aren't usually fit, healthy etc.. usually the frail, weak & elderly die of the complications from the flu (e.g flu changing to pneumonia)
I was at my child's school this afternoon picking up my daughter. When a parent joked? and said he has swine flu.. another mum nearby said "you should be in quarantine then!" he shrugged his shoulders and looked amused... i could not tell if he was being real or not. Here i am, pregnant... I am taking this swine flu seriously as i am a fatal target for swine flu!
2) Lets face it our hospitals, health authorities, dept of human services are so severely lacking. Read news reports on the families left in quarantine in hotels to figure that out!
3) Its flu season. I have a cold, its nasty... but how many others know the difference between the cold and the flu? Its possible that far more people have swine flu and do not know it. They would be thinking its just another cold.. and passing it on.
4) Children & teens at school or high school DO NOT wash their hands before eating. I don't remember ever doing it, do you?!
5) Schools pressure parents into having the kids at school. Schools are under pressure by the government to have kids at school. Parents who work cannot have time off to look after sick children. So sick kids often go to school with runny noses and coughs.
6) For a complete outbreak we are not ready for it.. can you imagine what effort it would be to line up 10million people do be vaccinated?! can you imagine having a swine flu testing station, testing everyone?
you could also blame.. overcrowded public transport, unclean door handles, rails, tables and chairs in public places, cheap domestic flights, huge public gatherings e.g concerts, footy, races, rail platforms etc..

Curios_S said...

yer i know its madness ... i hope they cure it soon cuz if it reaches brisbane toowoomba is in quarantine soo yer im scared i had a dream last night that the premier of queensland (forget her name) had to kill every one.. she had a plan and first she shot as many as she could then drowned them and if anyone survived they would be burned she killed EVERYONE even the people that didn' have swine flu and i was terrified then i woke up lol but yer i hope it doesnt reach brissy

Barry W said...

Because all Government's State and Federal reacted to slow. Plus they were more concerned about not upsetting people with their holiday plans than putting the Nation first. Just imagine if this was as first reported a more severe flu. The Government bodies who are in charge would have had a lot of explaining to do. I just hope they have learnt from their mistakes as one day we may have to encounter a more severe type of flu.

sasha said...

proberly because the people who have it do not stay in there own homes like they where told and family members come to visit and take it away with them.
and as usual the government is now just ordering the injections which will not be ready for a few months, so whats new.
now we have all these people getting of thisd ship so Qld look out we are going to get this flu big time.

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