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My question is like how to they determin if a person is sick enough to be admitted to a hospital if they have H1N1. I know lots of people who have it now but no one is been sent to the hospital, is it just there symptoms? Or can they test if its bad enough? If its the symptoms, what are they for a serious case that requires hospitalization?


Doodlest said...

They do the same thing if you have the regular flu, bronchitis or pneumonia. They check your oxygen level and how your lungs sound. Breathing that hurts like fire is pretty much a surefire hospitalization because your lungs are compromised. Respiratory illnesses can also cause existing conditions to become much worse, so they check those as well.

Matthew M said...

The swine flu is blown up by the government, media and drug companies. They try to scare people so they buy more crap that they don;t need so businesses can make a profit. I saw on the news awhile ago that instead of getting one flu vaccine for the year, you should get two so you wont get swine flu. There is tons of profit in vaccines. and government employees own stock in these companies. Its all about the mighty dollar. America- Land of the free and the wealthy.
And to the RN under me, when people go to the hospital in America, they pay tons of money for something that should be free. Then are given drugs which cause health problems later which then requires more drugs. Where as in other countries, Healthcare is FREE and they give you natural herbs to take care of it.
Thats how you make your $28 per hour.

jandy said...

if you have an underlying medical condition that affects major organ systems, resp, heart, kidneys, immune system, asthma, diabetes, or other,then it would necessitate a hosp course. most healthy people recover and can stay home.

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